Lamp-worked glass beads have their roots in 1600. They are the youngest glass beads. According to different glass- working techniques, they can be classified as “scièta, millefiori, sommerso, fiorato”. By mixing different glass techniques at the same time, you can create endless distinctive types of beads. A scièta bead has just one colour but its shape changes from an oval to anything your imagination and artcraft can invent. A mosaic bead called “millefiori”, is made by covering the thin layer of soft glass, set near an iron tool (called “core”), with cut pieces of murrina which is finally cooled. As for the sommerso bead, on a small monocrom glass core is spread some coloured glass “avventurina” that is finally covered with trasparent glass. If a silver 925% or gold 24 k leaf replaces the grit you will obtain a silver leaf bead or a gold leaf bead. Here we are presenting our classic and contemporary style collections made thanks to these ancient but still up-to-date techniques of glass working.