About us

The brand Corte Murrina was created to pay homage to the city of Venice, its tradition, its culture and its uniqueness that make it well-known all over the word. The white oval with the red number, 3126, represents the typical Venetian house number painted on the walls of the houses in Venice. The white rectangle with the words “Corte Murrina” recalls the “nissioeto”, which is a white rectangle painted on Venetian walls to indicate the names of typical Venetian road, lanes and streets, that is “campi, campielli e corti”. However finding one’s way in Venice is almost as impossible as it is describing the magical and historic tradition of glass working that Corte Murrina embodies. All products by Corte Murrina are handmade with glass rods produced on the island of Murano.


We distribute our products in Italy and in 57 major foreign countries. More than 1.500 customers have come to love and appreciate our beautiful products, ever changing and always trendy, with the Italian Style; our clients they know that they can expect the best that Made in Italy can provide and rely on us for a timely and absolutely professional service.